Best Nursing Schools in Georgia

Information, Resources and Reviews of Nursing Schools in Georgia (GA)

While many industries are struggling and laying people off under the harsh light of the declining economy, there are those that continue to thrive, even in the worst of times. One of those areas is the medical field, and more often than not, the demand for qualified doctors and nurses far outweighs the number of people available. Some states are in worse shape than others, and one of those is Georgia, which has a very low nurse to patient ratio.

Nursing Schools in GeorgiaThat has led to a proliferation of good nursing schools in Georgia, and considering that tuition fees in the state tend to be lower than many other places, that, combined with the job outlook make nursing a very good career choice. The first step in that career is selecting the Georgia nursing school that best fits your budget and training needs, and with 37 accredited nursing schools in Georgia to choose from, that may not be an easy task. Certainly, that choice can be narrowed down somewhat, depending on where you will be based in the state, and which particular field of study you opt to go with.

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What Training do Nursing Schools in Georgia Specialize in?

Nursing training is normally split into four distinct categories; adult nurse, pediatric, mental health and learning disabilities. Depending on what you are looking to specialize in, reviewing the curriculum’s offered by all the different nursing schools in Georgia will help you narrow down your search even further. It should be noted that before settling on one of those four, you will most likely be required to complete one full year of training before branching off into a particular specialty.

Most of the top nursing schools in Georgia will include practical training in a healthcare setting, which will help increase your chances of getting hired after graduation. While some medical offices and hospital will provide on the job training, the preference is for those who come with some experience already under their belt. It may be worth opting for one nursing school in GA over another based solely on that criterion, because, at the end of the day, the goal is to quickly find employment once the education process is over.

How Much do Nursing Schools in Georgia Cost?

At the heart of most decisions when it come to school selection is cost, and again, that can differ wildly depending on where you choose to complete your studies, and also on whether you choose to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or a Registered Nurse (RN). You can become an LPN by completing a one year course at a vocational or technical college, whereas those looking to become RN’s will have to go for an associates or Bachelor’s degree. While it’s obvious that a recognized nursing school in Atlanta, like Emory, is going to cost much more than attending a technical college, there are still more than enough options that will allow you to find a good nursing school in Georgia that will fit within your budget.

If the goal is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing, then students can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 per year depending on which school they attend. On average, a four year degree at a public school comes in at around $14,000, with books and accommodation included in the price. That can be compared to the same degree at a private school, which will edge much closer to that $30,000 per year figure mentioned earlier.

What Are the Best Nursing Schools in Georgia?

According to US News and World Reports, Georgia is home to 4 of the top 100 nursing schools in the nation. These nursing schools in Georgia include the following:

Best Nursing Schools in Georgia - Emory UniversityEmory University
Location:  Atlanta
US News & World Report Ranking:  Tied for #21
Size of School:  7,200+ students
In-State Tuition:  Around $41,100
Out of State Tuition:  Around $41,100

Best Nursing Schools in Georgia - Medical College of GeorgiaMedical College of Georgia
Location:  Augusta
US News & World Report Ranking:  Tied for #44
Size of School:  Around 500 students
In-State Tuition:  Around $8,100
Out of State Tuition:  Around $26,300

Best Nursing Schools in Georgia - Georgia Southern UniversityGeorgia Southern University
Location:  Statesboro
US News & World Report Ranking:  Tied for #79
Size of School:  17,000+ students
In-State Tuition:  Around $6,600
Out of State Tuition:  Around $18,500

Best Nursing Schools in Georgia - Georgia State UniversityGeorgia State University
Location:  Atlanta
US News & World Report Ranking:  Tied for #79
Size of School:  23,400+ students
In-State Tuition:  Around $9,400
Out of State Tuition:  Around $27,600

Besides these nationally ranked nursing schools, there are several other accredited nursing schools in Georgia where you can receive a quality education. Here is a complete list of Georgia nursing schools along with the city they reside in.

  • Albany State University – Albany
  • Albany Technical College – Albany
  • Darton College – Albany
  • Georgia Southwestern State University – Americus
  • South Georgia Technical College – Americus
  • Athens Technical College – Athens
  • Atlanta Technical College – Atlanta
  • Emory University – Atlanta – One of the Top Nursing Schools in Georgia
  • Georgia State University – Atlanta – One of the Best Nursing Schools in Georgia
  • Augusta State University – Augusta
  • Augusta Technical College – Augusta
  • Savannah River College – Augusta
  • Medical College of Georgia – Augusta – One of the Top Nursing Schools in Georgia
  • Bainbridge College – Bainbridge
  • Gordon College – Barnesville
  • Coastal Georgia Community College – Brunswick
  • University of West Georgia – Carrollton
  • North Georgia Technical College – Clarkesville
  • Dekalb Technical College – Clarkston
  • Middle Georgia College – Cochran
  • Columbus State University – Columbus
  • Columbus Technical College – Columbus
  • North Georgia College & State University – Dahlonega
  • Dalton State College – Dalton
  • Georgia Perimeter College – Decatur
  • Piedmont College – Demorest
  • South Georgia College – Douglas
  • Heart of Georgia Technical College – Dublin
  • East Central Technical College – Fitzgerald
  • Brenau University – Gainesville
  • Griffin Technical College – Griffin
  • Appalachian Technical College – Jasper
  • Altamaha Technical College – Jesup
  • Kennesaw State University – Kennesaw
  • LaGrange College – Lagrange
  • West Georgia Technical College – Lagrange
  • Gwinnett Technical College – Lawrenceville
  • Central Georgia Technical College – Macon
  • Macon State College – Macon
  • Mercer University – Macon
  • Chattahoochee Technical College – Marietta
  • Georgia College & State University – Milledgeville
  • Clayton State University – Morrow
  • Moultrie Technical College – Moultrie
  • Berry College – Mount Berry
  • Lanier Technical College – Oakwood
  • Northwestern Technical College – Rock Spring
  • Coosa Valley Technical College – Rome
  • Georgia Highlands College – Rome
  • Sandersville Technical College – Sandersville
  • Armstrong Atlantic State University – Savannah
  • Savannah Technical College – Savannah
  • Georgia Southern University – Statesboro – One of the Best Nursing Schools in Georgia
  • Ogeechee Technical College – Statesboro
  • Swainsboro Technical College – Swainsboro
  • Flint River Technical College – Thomaston
  • Southwest Georgia Technical College – Thomasville
  • Thomas University – Thomasville
  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College – Tifton
  • Valdosta State University – Valdosta
  • Valdosta Technical College – Valdosta
  • Southeastern Technical College – Vidalia
  • West Central Technical College – Waco
  • Reinhardt College – Waleska
  • Middle Georgia Technical College – Warner Robins
  • Okefenokee Technical College – Waycross

Other Resources For Potential Georgia Nursing Students

While there are now a number of websites that help you narrow down the school decision process, perhaps the best place to start for students looking to attend nursing schools in Georgia is at, as it is a fantastic resource that will connect you with the nursing programs for your specific needs and career goals.

The desperate need for nurses in the state has created a situation that can end up falling very much in the favor of the nursing student. That can start with researching nursing scholarships in Georgia, or cancel-able loan programs that can save students anywhere from $4,500 to $10,000. If you are someone that would also be quite content to start your nursing career in a smaller, rural area, then it might be worth taking a look at the Allied Health Career Program, where loan forgiveness is granted in exchange for a nurse working in one of those smaller areas, where the shortfall in medical help is really severe.

The bottom line is that nursing schools in Georgia are competitively priced with other states across the country, but that is tempered somewhat by the fact that a good number of those schools are ranked among the best in the country. Combining a quality education with the assistance that the state is prepared to throw in, plus the high number of job opportunities in the area, all adds up to a perfect storm that makes nursing schools in Georgia a very solid, viable education option.