Nursing Jobs in Georgia

Tips and Resources for Finding the Best Nursing Jobs in Georgia

The economy has been tough on a number of major industries, but opportunities for nursing jobs in Georgia continue to grow. The medical field is just one of those industries that remains steady no matter what. While many companies are being forced to lay off, the medical industry is facing the opposite problem in that there are major staff shortages across the country.

One state that is having a particularly tough time is Georgia, who has the 4th worst RN vacancy rate in the US. This is despite the fact that nursing schools in Georgia are recognized for providing some of the better nursing education opportunities in the country. Unfortunately the problem lies within the facilities themselves, most of whom do not have enough faculty members to train qualified applicants. It’s something of a catch-22 scenario, but for nurses looking to kick start their career, or re-locate from another area, pursuing nursing jobs in Georgia is a great way to get hired, especially in the critical care area, where the shortage is at its worst.

Where to find Nursing Jobs in Georgia

Nursing Jobs in GeorgiaAll of the major job search websites are filled with available nursing jobs in Georgia, and there are now a slew of websites dedicated solely to open positions in the nursing field. Now just because there are job opening all over the state doesn’t mean you can simply pick the one you want, waltz right in and expect to start right away. There may be a staffing shortage, but that doesn’t mean that they will just accept the first, moderately qualified nurse who comes walking through the front doors.

Many folks assume that nursing requires taking temperatures and fluffing pillows, but in truth, in order to become a successful RN, 2-4 years of intense schooling has to be completed, and in order to get hired, the applicant must also demonstrate organizational skills and attention to detail, both of which are necessary traits for a nurse. A great way to demonstrate that to a potential employer comes during the application process, and though it may require a little extra work, it will provide you with the best possible chance of jumping ahead of all others and landing the Georgia nursing job you really want.

Tips on applying for Nursing Jobs in Georgia

Taking the time to learn everything you can about the company you are applying for a position with, will not only make you look knowledgeable come interview time, it may also help you separate the companies that you do and don’t want to work for. The nursing jobs in Georgia that you thought may have looked great on paper, may in fact turn out to be a poor fit for you and your career goals. Once you have narrowed down the positions that are of interest to you, it’s time to make sure that your resume is completely up to date, and that you have a separate, distinct cover letter that is written specifically for each different position.

The cover letter can actually play a very large part in the application process. A quality cover letter is a perfect way to show what it is about you that makes you the best candidate for the job by tying in your expertise and strong points with that of the company you are applying at. This is where you use the research done earlier to show that you are serious about the position.

There are literally hundreds of RN and LPN nursing jobs in Georgia, and by being flexible and willing to re-locate within the state, you can make the application and interview process swing very much in your favor. This is particularly true for nurses looking for their first position, as it will demonstrate that you have made the correct career decision, and also get you in the habit of applying the skills that are necessary to succeed.

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