Nursing Salaries in Georgia

Discover the Average CNA, LPN and RN Nursing Salaries in Georgia

The goal of anyone looking at attending on of the many nursing schools in Georgia is usually aimed at helping their fellow human beings, and using their knowledge to heal the sick. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want to make money too, and deciding on which level of the medical profession to get into, will go a long way to determining how much you can realistically expect to make. There will be fluctuations based on experience level and location, but what follows is a rough guide to nursing salaries in Georgia.

Nursing Salaries in Georgia: CNA Salary

Nursing Salaries in GeorgiaLet’ start by looking at the average Certified Nursing Aide or CNA nursing salary in Georgia. CNA’s working in the city of Atlanta make around $22,960 per year, with that average dropping to a touch over $21,000 for the entire state combined. Obviously, living in the city is more expensive than choosing to settle in a rural area or smaller city in the state. Anyone looking for a career as a CNA in Georgia should look seriously at Savannah, which ranks among the CNA nursing salaries in Georgia, with Columbus and Macon lingering nearer the bottom of the list.

Nursing Salaries in Georgia: LPN Salary

The next rung up on the nursing salaries in Georgia ladder is for the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and just like every other level on the ladder, geographical location plays a major part in determining the average. The average annual salary for the entire nation sits around $41,000 per year, with Georgia falling slightly under the national average. The annual mean wage for Georgia LPN’s is a shade over $36,000, with the low end of the scale sitting at $30,850 in Valdosta, and the high at almost $39,000 in Atlanta and Savannah.

Nursing Salaries in Georgia: RN Salary

The average RN nursing salaries in Georgia is actually almost the same number as the number of registered nurses in the state. The 65,000 plus RN’s earn a mean annual salary that comes in around $61,000. This is also where the biggest difference in salary, based on geographical location within the state comes into play. Savannah is once again at the top of the heap, with RN’s in the historic city earning an average of over $65,000 per year. At the bottom end of the scale, and lagging way behind everyone else, is Albany, whose RN’s only earn a touch over $50,000 annually.

In conclusion, nursing salaries in Georgia are a little behind the nationwide averages in all areas of the nursing field, but you also have to take into account the cost of living, which is far less than larger states such as New York and California. It’s also not enough to just look at the salary, as that is no real indication of the benefits, or lack thereof, which doesn’t come into play in those final figures. The average nursing salaries in Georgia, while higher in certain areas of the state, is still going to have wildly differing numbers, all depending on the facility that you choose to work in, and at the end of the day, you have to be happy with both the place and the financial benefits in order to be truly happy.

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